The 71st Infantry KAIBIGAN Battalion (71IB) discovers enemy lair and voluminous food stuffs and captures a New People’s Army (NPA) courier in Brgy Tibagon, Pantukan Davao de Oro, Tuesday, 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The 71IB conducts pursuit operation following an armed encounter last Monday that resulted in the recovery of enemy’s high-powered firearms, improvised explosive device and other valuable war materiel.

The enemy lair discovered at Sitio Kabahian of Brgy Tibagon, could accommodate more or less 15 Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and was abandoned recently, ground troops said. Apparently, members of the Weakened Guerilla Front 2 (WGF2) who withdrew in Southwest direction during the armed encounter last Monday were the ones who occupied the lair. It was discovered by the troops who were in pursuit to the rebels.

While the ground forces were scouring the hideout, they captured an NPA courier identified as John Madrano, 30, a resident of Brgy Libudon, Mabini, Davao de Oro. The suspect onboard his motorcycle trying to approach the hideout, carried with him 10 kilograms of rice, 2 kg of sugar, 2 packs of cigarettes (More), 10 packs noodles (Quickchow), and 3 packs of coffee (NESCAFE). He revealed that a certain @Roy/Mantos, leader of the CNTs instructed him to buy such items. He further disclosed the exact location of 6 containers of rice hidden nearby the lair.

Per 71IB assessment, members of the WGF2 are now suffering from much hunger more so that the unit intercepted their food supply. The 71IB expects the WGF2 to become desperate in finding ways to feed their stomach and continue their extortion and coercion activities upon the innocent locals. The 71IB continues to conduct Focused Military Operation in its area operation to sustain its gains and finally destroy the WGF2.

Meanwhile, 71IB Commanding Officer, LTC SONNY GONZALES calls to all the people in its area of operation to withdrew their support from the CNTs but give their cooperation to the 71IB, PNP and LGU to finally dismantle the WGF2. “Peace and order is not just our concern in the military or PNP but a shared responsibility among all of us. I urge every local in our area of operation to extend your cooperation to the 71IB and stop helping CPP-NPA in any form so that we can successfully end local armed conflict and attain genuine peace.”

The 71IB area of operation covers the municipalities of Mawab, Maco, Mabini and Pantukan, all of Davao de Oro and Tagum City of Davao del Norte.