Another Barangay in Agusan del Sur declares CPP- NPA Persona Non- Grata


LORETA, Agusan Del Sur – The communist- terrorist CPP-NPA is rapidly losing hold of its supporters from the grassroots as another barangay in Loreto, Agusan del Sur declared the self-proclaimed people’s army as Persona Non-Grata. In a special session held last March 29, Special Brgy. Ilang- ilang headed by Brgy. Capt. Artemio Subla passed Brgy. Resolution No. 002 declaring the CPP- NPA and its allied and front organizations ‘undesirable’ in their locality.

Conflict-affected brgy

The Special Brgy. of Ilang- ilang has long been considered by the CPP-NPA terrorists as one of their strongholds in Loreto. The once peaceful village was ruled by the NPA’s shadow government with a combination of brutality, massive taxation and intense communist propaganda. Those who defied them were either punished or vanished from the barangay. People, for fear of their lives and properties, blindly obeyed them for many years.

But not for long.

The residents finally decided that they cannot tolerate the terrorist group’s abusive and exploitative ways anymore. With a strong backing from the local populace, the barangay officials decided to take a stand against the CPP-NPA and its cohorts. They lambasted the group for using violence and deception for many years to terrorize and exploit them. With the support of Loreto Mayor Ligaya Otaza, the barangay passed the resolution in time for the NPA’s 50th anniversary.

More surrenders

The barangay resolution was overwhelmingly approved by the council after several batches of former terrorists from the said barangay surrendered to government troops. Earlier, 200 local residents formally took an Oath of Allegiance to the duly constituted government, and officially denounced their association with the communist- terrorist group. According to Datu Mandabon Neciforo Asuncion, a local tribal leader, the community should stop giving leeway to the communist NPA Terrorists whose presence made their lives miserable. He said the village is denouncing any affiliation with, and stopping all kinds of support to the CNTs. “We must seek justice for our innocent brothers and sisters who have fallen victims to their twisted ideology.” he added.

LTC ROMEO C JIMENEA, the Battalion Commander said: “The 26th Infantry Battalion in collaboration with the local government and its line agencies will remain as the community’s partner in peace and development.” He added that the government is continuously implementing programs like the Enhance Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) for NPA members who want to go back in the mainstream of the society.