BONGABON, Nueva Ecija – This is in connection with the recent joint operation spearheaded by 91st Infantry (Sinagtala) Battalion at Brgy Ligaya, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija which led to the recovery of high-powered firearms and radios at the vicinity of mountainous portion of Brgy Cawayan, Alfonso Castaṅeda, Nueva Viscaya on November 29, 2019.

The conduct of Joint Intelligence Driven Focused Military Operation composed of one (1) platoon of 84IB led by 1LT SHERWIN B FORRO (INF) PA; one (1) squad of weapons company of 91IB led by 1LT BOBBY FERRER (INF) PA; and personnel from 1ST Police Mobile Force Company (PMFC), Nueva Ecija Police Provincial Office (NEPPO) under the supervision of PLTC DENNIS C WENCESLAO, steered the discovery of an arms cache buried at vicinity mentioned above. Certain alias Robin and alias Alfred gave the information to the government forces of the possible location of these high-powered firearms and radios. Recovered were four (4) M16 Rifles with serial numbers L925016, and L925032, the other two had defaced serial numbers and five (5) Handheld Baofeng radios with charger and antenna that were believed to be buried by the withdrawing elements of KLG Sierra Madre during an encounter with Sinagtala Battalion last April 01, 2019.

In related recent events, more and more members of the CPP/NPA/NDF are returning to the folds of the government. This indicates that their members are now realizing the false promises of communism. Likewise, the rebels’ surrender serves as proof of the effectiveness of the Whole-of-Nation-Approach in the campaign to end local armed conflict. The terrorists are already threatened by the joint efforts of the government and other local government agencies as well as the active participation of local populace, they lost already the trust and confidence of their mass base.

With marching order from President RODRIGO R DUTERTE to immediately terminate local communist insurgency, the Armed Forces made efforts to conduct intensified coordination with all stakeholders to continuously win back to mainstream society the victims of the leftists’ ideology.

COL ANDREW D COSTELO INF (GSC) PA, Commander, 703rd Brigade said that these continuous joint operations of the Army-PNP is conducted to end communist led armed struggle, educate and encourage our people to cooperate and participate in the peace and development programs and services of the government. This is the perfect time for rebels to go back to the folds of law, start a new life and benefit from the programs the government offers.