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AFP statement re schools | Brigadier General Edgardo Arevalo, AFP spokesman

The list of Metro Manila schools that have been possibly used as venues for arousing, organizing, and mobilizing of students by the NPA has been released.
Some of the schools included in the list as such however are subject of continuing validation.
Having said that, we are firm in our position that some of the schools in that list have been, and widely known to have been used, as fora for communist recruitment. Some of the other schools in the list are being targeted. The students are agitated initially towards activism; mobilize them as militants, and finally recruit them as regular NPA cadres and leaders to fill up the dwindling number of political cadres. Note the following:
Total NPA Regulars and Sympathizers neutralized as at 03 Oct: 10,049. Included in that number are 939 NPA Regulars who surrendered and 104 NPA Regulars who died in armed engagements with AFP.
We wish to assuage the fear of our people about this recent development. This was not intended to brand those schools as communists. In doing this, the AFP wants to create awareness among our people especially parents who were complaining and asking for our help.
We have reports of concerned parents communicating to us their worries about the “brainwashing” activities that their children were subjected to like films showing; video teleconferencing with a terrorist leader like Jose Ma. Sison; and Martial law reenactments during break time of high school students, etc.
As a good number of us in the AFP are parents ourselves, we join the multitude of parents wary of these creeping indoctrination of their children that tend to draw them into activism and radicalism.
Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. This we caution schools administration and parents about some members of the NPA infiltrating the schools.
Towards this end, the AFP is reaching out to the Department of Education (DepEd), the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), and the Administrators of some of the schools to prevent the said arouse-organize-mobilize scheme of the CPP-NPA.
Lest we forget, the AFP as an institution is the protector of constitutionally guaranteed rights of our people. We do not censure, but as a matter of fact guard and support freedom of speech, of assembly, and of redress of grievances. But such should be done in a manner peaceful and orderly, and with due respect to other people’s rights. Because the moment there is resort to violence, the AFP will be there to prevent lawlessness.
The AFP, as the constitutionally mandated protector of the people and the state, will perform its solemn obligation unflinchingly.
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