On 13December2019, the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) New People’s Army’s (NPA) deplorable act of murdering a civilian and wounding fourteen others including children— all non-combatants—affirmed the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ decision not to recommend the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire with the CTG this Yuletide Season.

The abominable crime that also killed a policeman shows what these terrorist members of the New People’s Army are capable of: an evil of unconscionable degree and timing. It was done on a Christmas season when everyone’s longing is to be home to celebrate the holidays with family. Instead, the bereaved relatives will be mourning their dead.

The AFP commiserates with them in this moment of grief. We will help them find justice.

The CTG did the gruesome killing as if to threaten government that the latter should yield to their desire for peace negotiation.

The NPA perpetrated the detestable felony despite the President and Commander-in-Chief’s order for Secretary Silvestre Bello III to discuss with Mr. Jose Ma. Sison how peace negotiations can be resumed.

In essence, the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army under Mr. Sison and his stewards merely confirmed who they really are—opportunists in advancing peace negotiations and transgressors of human rights masquerading to be pro-people.

We beseech our people to unite against these terrorists. They should never allow these malefactors in their communities. They should be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing that lurks around them. Parents are forewarned of the beasts that have devoured the future of many unwitting minor children who were lured into joining the terrorist NPA.