A call for karapatan and the Kamatayan Bloc

CAMP RAJAH SIKATUNA Carmen, Bohol – Another bloody incident
transpired at Sitio Causwagan, Barangay San Mateo, Butuan on April 18, 2019 (Maundy Thursday) where Reynante Cabungan Llorin, a member of Higaunon IP tribe was murdered by CPP-NPA terrorists inside his house.

Cabungan aka ‘Jason’ was a former member of the communist-terrorist group who surrendered to the government forces last July 2018 along with two other individuals.

Cabungan is among the rebel returnees who dreamed of a new and normal life together with his family, however, the CPP-NPA Terrorist destroyed his dream and mercilessly claimed his life.

But their cruelty did not stop there, five days after Cabungan’s murder (April 23), another Higaunon member identified as Joel Canatoy was also shot dead by the CPP-NPA Terrorist. The pattern of killing was the same with Cabungan’s.

To those groups who claim to be human rights defenders especially NUPL, Karapatan and Kamatayan Bloc; how will you explain to your foreign donors from European Union and Viva Salud of Belgium that you cannot provide assistance to the victims because they were killed by NPAs who apparently are your allies?

This is not an isolated case; this is something that we must ponder. They are the true victims of injustices who need help from those groups who profess to be defenders of the poor victims.

This is a challenge; not only to the aforementioned groups, but also to Atty Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna and Atty Edre Olalia of NUPL to act on this because Christina Palabay of Karapatan can no longer do anything since we have already established the Karapatan’s link to the NPAs, and ergo, the CPP-NDF.

Other surrenderers now fear for their lives, should you go to the Supreme Court and represent them for another Writ of Amparo? Of course you won’t, because clearly it’s not part of your oath to the CPP. You are cadres of the underground mass organization LUMABAN or Lupon ng mga Manananggal ng Bayan hiding under the CPP front NUPL. It’s not a typo; these are true blood-suckers who cannot denounce the CPP and the NPAs for their terroristic acts.

You are running for national office and aspire to be a Senator of the land. Whose interest will you represent? You join the democratic process thru the Party List and then destroy democracy. You join the legislative, get elected and use your funds to destroy your country. How do you reconcile your oath to this democratic state with that of the CPP Constitution’s establishment of a “proletarian dictatorship”?
Why don’t you explain to the people this duplicity of yours?

You deny being stooges of the CPP, but NDFP–Panay Spokesperson
Concha Araneta proudly proclaimed today, 46 years of NDFP contributions as you “celebrate with heads high the indispensable role in advancing the Philippine revolution”. NDFP Panay is so proud of “inflicting casualties of not less than 50 enemies”. Indeed, “the NDFP have continually filled the ranks of the NPA CPP”, as
NDFPs Concha proudly proclaims.

So there, Kamatayan Bloc, who red tagged you here?

Classic revolutionary dual tactics. It’s time for the voting public should know everything about you. And you Honorable Elago, should be ready with your answers too; tomorrow.