September 23, 2020, Camp Bautista, Jolo, Sulu – Following the sustained ground operations of 1101st and 1102nd Brigades under JTF Sulu at the hinterlands of Patikul and Indanan to track the fleeing groups of Mundi Sawadjaan and Radulan Sahiron, eight (8) of its members surrendered to Col Antonio I Bautista Jr, Commander, 1101st Brigade at 2:00 o’clock this afternoon for fear of being caught in an armed encounter with the operating troops.

With the tall order of BGen William N Gonzales, Commander, JTF, Sulu to track down the group of Sawadjaan and Sahiron after the seizure of their encampment in Indanan yesterday and encounter in Patikul last September 20, Abdul Jihili, 28 y/o; Abu Yusop, 38 y/o; Sahira Sahibul, 28 y/o; Ali Jumsa, 38 y/o; Piedo Jumahari, 54 y/o; Mujib Jainal, 48 y/o; Abdul Abubakar, 34 y/o; and Ila Abbas, 47 y/o of Patikul, Indanan, Parang, and Maimbung, Sulu laid down their arms to 2nd Special Forces Battalion and 100th Infantry Battalion under 1101st Brigade.

In a statement of Ltc Busiños, CO, 2nd SFB and Ltc Gagula, CO, 100th IB, the eight (8) surrenderees decided to break away from Sawadjaan and Sahiron subsequent to the surrender of their sub-leader, Idang Susukan, to the authorities last August 13 in Davao City. Moreover, Col Bautista narrated that according to an intelligence report, the group of Idang Susukan had been decimated due to the surrender of these eight (8) members.

In one of the highlights of the visit of MGen Reynaldo M Aquino, Vice Commander, Philippine Army to 11th Infantry Division, the eight (8) surrenderees were presented to him this afternoon at Headquarters, 1101st Brigade, Brgy Samak, Talipao, Sulu. It is a welcome development that you returned to the folds of the law. This will be a life changing event on your part as you will be processed by JTF Sulu to go back to the mainstream; MGen Aquino said.

“There will be no let-up on our focused military operation until we have neutralized Mundi Sawadjaan and Radulan Sahiron. Another eight (8) members turned their backs to the group mainly for distrust and dissatisfaction on the leadership. My congratulations go to the Local Chief Executives of Sulu for the continuing support to your military. The Social Integration Program of the Provincial and Municipal Task Force ELACs awaits the members who plan to surrender; however, the full force of JTF Sulu will be focused to the remaining members of the ASG who continue to sow terror.” – BGen William N Gonzales PA