Press Release6 Former Rebels receives cash assistance from LGU in AgSur
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6 Former Rebels receives cash assistance from LGU in AgSur

SAN LUIS, Agusan del Sur – Six (6) former rebels (FRs) of San Luis, Agusan del Sur received cash assistance amounting to twenty-five thousand pesos (PhP25,000.00) from the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the said municipality on August 23, 2021.

Hon. Phoebe L. Corvera, RN, MD the Municipal Mayor, generously released the cash assistance as part of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) benefits, a government program that aims to help the rebel members of the CPP-NPA-NDF and Militia ng Bayan to restore their allegiance to the Philippine government.

The FRs, AKA Trexie is a regular member of the NPA and a platoon medic for one (1) year, AKA Simply, Shark and Jemuel are an active member of the NPA for two (2) years. They all belong to the dismantled Guerilla Front (GF) 88, while AKA Lance and AKA Criss, both member of Compaq all of North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC) who finally realized their futile struggle and made up their minds to surrender last October 23, 2020, hoping to have a renewed life together with their families.

AKA Trexie expressed her gratitude to the government for the humane treatment they received which they didn’t actually expect. “Wala namo damha nga bisan sa among pagka rebelde tabangan kami sa gobyerno. Gikapoy na mi sa bukid, walay pulos ang among mga pakigbisog. Gilimbongan lang kami sa among komander. Nag surrender mi tungod kay ang saad sa NPA nga maayong kinabuhi nahulog ra sa pag-antos ug kahadlok. Nagpasalamat kami sa gobyerno sa pagdawat pag-usab ug pagtabang kanamo.”, she said.

Through this government program, the local government agencies are working hand in hand in serving various initiatives to help sustain the needs of the former rebels for them to be reintegrated back to the community, be with their families, and start over with their new lives, especially in this pandemic crisis.

Lt.Col. Reynald Romel A. Goce, Commanding Officer of 26th Infantry (Ever Onward) Battalion, encouraged all other rebels in the province of AgSur to surrender. “I am greatly encouraging those who are still in the ranks of CPP-NPA movement to peacefully lay down their arms and stop this useless armed struggle, return to the mainstream society and contribute as good citizens for the prosperity of the community as well as the whole province of Agusan del Sur.”, he said.

“We sympathized with those NPA members who have realized the deception in their organization, that is why our door is open to those who are willing to go back to the fold of the law. We are offering them a way out. But if they continue to resist, then, they will cause their own senseless miseries. Surrender now, your family is waiting for you.”, Lt. Col. Goce ended.



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