CAMP HERNANDEZ, Dingle, Iloilo – The 301st Infantry “Bayanihan” Brigade, Philippine Army conducts preventive measures to ensure the personnel’s safety against Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak within the camp. Disinfection is now a mandatory routine at the entrance and exit points for all individuals and vehicles. This is in line with the Presidential Proclamation Number 922, series of 2020, declaring a State of Public emergency throughout the Philippines.

The Bayanihan troopers strictly implements necessary measures and protocols as prescribed in the national guidelines and procedures. Duty personnel are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, face/body shields, and use of appropriate disinfectants. COL SISON cited that, “The Army is ready to help and assist the local government of the province in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be achieved by instilling discipline and cooperation among ourselves, and following the implementing rules and guidelines of the Enhanced Community Quarantine set by the government.”