CAMP GENERAL MATEO CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal — Three (3) members of the New People’s Army (NPA) terrorist group were killed during an armed encounter against the combined operating troops of the 4th Infantry Battalion (4IB), 76th Infantry Battalion, 203rd Brigade and the PNP Mindoro at Sitio Mawan, Panaytayan, Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro around 1:30 p.m. yesterday June 13, 2019.

According to Brigadier General Marceliano V Teofilo, Commander of the 203rd Infantry Brigade which has operational jurisdiction over Mindoro Province “they received information from concerned citizen that the NPA terrorists in the area will conduct training to their newly recruited members of which some were believed to be minors. “This prompted us to conduct Focused Military Operation (FMO) and our troops were able to locate their whereabouts, and fire fight broke”.

After 2 hours and a half gun fire exchanged against the more less 40 NPAs under KLG MAV of SRMA 4D, the troops were able to assault and seized enemy positions where they found the three (3) lifeless bodies of the NPAs. They have also recovered three (3) M16 rifles, one (1) AK-47, 1 cal.45 with 2 magazines, 1 grenade launcher tube, 2 IEDs and switch, 3 blasting cap, 2 cellphones (my phone analog with extra batteries) and assorted kinds of ammunitions after searching the encounter site.

BGen Teofilo said the enemies suffered many casualties including a high ranking NPA Commander due to the heavy bloodstains on their withdrawal route and based on the information from civilians. “This is a major blow on the NPA in Mindoro. Their days are numbered and in just a matter of time the NPA here will be on the verge of collapse due to their numerous setbacks in armed encounters and snowballing of surrenderees.”

“Surrender or suffer the fate of your killed comrades”, added BGen Teofilo addressing the NPAs.

The intel community is now validating the reports that a NPA Commander was slain during the encounter.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Arbolado, Battalion Commander of the 4IB, said one his soldier was slightly wounded in the left ear but now in safe condition after given first aid. “Right now we have already dispatched our additional troops and K9 tracking dogs to go after this bunches of criminals; we will not let them go until they are totally destroyed.

The recent encounter was second armed clashes happened in Mansalay wherein the first one was in Barangay Terisita on February 21, 2019 that resulted to the death of two (2) NPA terrorists.

Police Brigadier General Tomas Apolinario Jr, PNP MIMAROPA Regional Director emphasized that thorough planning and brainstorming of ideas coming from the military and police results to a successful operation.

Brigadier General Elias Escarcha, Acting Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division lauded the latest accomplishments of the troops against the NPA terrorists in the area.

He said that the successive encounters of the troops against the enemies are clear manifestation that we are winning our campaign. He also called on the NPAs to give up their futile armed struggle.

“Time and again, we have seen the government’s overwhelming military might. We do not rejoice in killing our fellow Filipinos. Give up your arms and join us in pursuing peace, prosperity and development for our country and people”, he added.

Meanwhile, another encounter also transpired 11:30 a.m yesterday in Sitio Catmon, Brgy Villa Nacaob, Lopez, Quezon when the operating troops of the 21st Division Reconnaissance Company overtaken the NPAs they previously encountered.

No one was hurt on the troops while there was undetermined number of wounded on the enemies due to the blood stains on their withdrawal route.

The government troops are continuing their massive pursuit operations against the terrorists. Check points are also being expanded in the area in coordination with the local police.