3 NPA leaders yield to government forces

Placer, Surigao del Norte- Three (3) high ranking New Peoples Army members surrendered to the 30th Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army in Surigao del Norte on June 18, 2019

The surrenderers were identified as Alias YAM, female, 21 years old a Political Instructor of SYP16C, Alias RONIE, male, 21 years old former Vice Commanding Officer of SYP16A and Alias APOL, 20 years old Vice Squad Leader of SYP16B all from Guerilla Front 16, Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee.

Said personalities brought along with them One (1) M4 Bushmaster Rifle (SN:270842), one (1) AR-15 Rifle (SN:4950912), one (1) AK47 Rifle (SN: Defaced), two (2) anti-personnel mines and subversive documents.These former NPAs mentioned the weakening support of their masses that affected their morale to continue the armed struggle. A number of their newly recruited fighters and seasoned red figthers consequently left without any permission and went into hiding

Alias YAM disclosed that her surrender was due to pressure and hunger while avoiding military operations. She observed the injustice on their rank and file as she mentioned that only their leaders “are in comfort” while the members suffer, “kapoy ang lawas tungod sa kagutom ug walay klaro nga pagdumala sa kadagkuan mao nga nag surrender ko ug nakita nako na luoy ang membro, ang pamunuan ra ang bulahan” she said in local dialect. 

“This development is a big blow to the communist terrorists as expected, they are doomed to fail” Lt. Col. Allen Raymund C Tomas, Commanding Officer of 30IB said.

“With the help of the Provincial Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program Committee of Surigao del Norte we will process their immediate enrollment to avail the benefits of the said program” Lt. Col. Tomas added.

“It is only a matter of time that this NPA terrorist group will cease to exist. We urge the remaining members to heed the call for peace while they still have time. We will continue with our combat operations to keep the pressure but we remain open to those who are willing to give up their non-sense activities” Col. Maurito Licudine, 402bde Commander stated.

The 3 surrendered personalities are now being comforted with food, clothing and shelter while their benefits under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) are being processed.

Their surrender was very timely as PRRD renewed his call to the NPAs to drop their arms and talk peace instead.