MARAMAG BUKIDNON – Two members of the New People’s Army (NPA) voluntarily surrendered to the Community Support Team (CST) of 88th Infantry “Maringal” Battalion at Brgy Lipa, Quezon, Bukidnon last July 06.

Rexon Castro Densing @Jade just turned 18yo recently and Chris Castro Edpalina @Toto, 17yo that were both recruited by certain @jerome and @Tolis of SYP2, Coy Thunder, NCMRC in brgy Lipa, Quezon, Bukidnon last October 2018 surrendered to the Community Support Team (CST) in brgy Lipa after 5 months of hardship with the NPA terrorist.

They claimed that the hardship within the NPA units are already unbearable now that support from their masses is minimal. They also said that the relentless military operations multiply their fear, hardship, and hunger that they are experiencing.

“Sa dugay nga panahon nailad kami sa mga NPA hangtod miabot ang oras nga among napamatud-an sa among kaugalingon nga walay kalinaw nga among makab-ot sa sulod sa armadong grupo. Ang kumander lang namo ang adunay maayo nga kahimtang kay anaa man kanila ang kwarta ug kontrolado usab nila ang among pagkaon, apan kami nga mga ordinaryo lamang nga miyembro mao ang mibati sa tanang pag-antus ug nakasinati sa tanan nga kalisod sa kinabuhi”. The NPA has been deceiving us for so long and we come to realize that there is no peace in their organization. Only our commanders enjoy the best treatment because the money is in their possession and food is in their control, while, us the ordinary members are suffering the most hardships, they said.

They wanted to forget the complexities they experienced in the hands of the NPAs and start to support the government in helping the community especially to those who have been deceived by the terrorist group like them.

LTC FRANKLIN F FABIC INF (GSC) PA, Battalion Commander of 88IB said, that the 2 surrenderees, because of their young age and innocence were exploited and deceived by NPAs in joining their group. This is a clear and intentional violation of provisions of IHL, that children shall not be recruited into combatants or turn them into child warriors. These NPA terrorists blantantly violated the rights of these minors to live a peaceful life in their community. They totally disregarded the sanctity of a Filipino family by simply taking away the children without the knowledge of their parents. I thanked these 2 minors that after 5 months of hardship away from their parents, realized that their is no better future for them in the hands of these NPA terrorist who totally disregarded their rights as a person. We welcome these 2 kids to have a new life thru the Enhanced Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), a government program in which former regular members can get immediate assistance, livelihood program, firearm remuneration and a lot more of benefits from the government”.

“I am encouraging the members of CPP-NPA-NDF in the area of operation of 88IB to surrender while you have still time and enjoy a better life thru the government programs intended for you and your families. Dont wait for the time that you will get killed in the mountains thru our relentless military operations”, Ltc Fabic concluded.