Laguindingan Airport, Cagayan de Oro – The third batch of Hijab Troopers returns to their respective units after nine months of providing excellent service to the communities all over Lanao del Sur, particularly the Maranaos who were affected by the Marawi Siege.

The 12th CMO Battalion Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Andres A Soriano, led the Send Off Ceremony that was held at the Laguindingan Airport wherein he extended his gratitude for their help in the overall mission accomplishment as well as their dedication to their duty.

The third batch of Hijab Troopers had been a huge part in the rehabilitation progress since the Marawi Siege. They provided not only manpower in humanitarian assistance activities such as relief goods distribution, Kathanor Profiling, and medical mission; but also, they have imparted important knowledge and were instrumental in
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.

The third batch of Hijab Troopers successfully planted seeds of peace in the heart of all the communities they have helped and they will always be part of the 12th CMO Kapatiran Battalion.