Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City- One (1) member of the New People’s Army was left behind dead by his fleeing comrades after an encounter against the troops of 65th Infantry (Stalwart) Battalion who were able to seize 3 high-powered firearms at an uninhabited area of KM 17 Barangay Besigan, Cagayan de Oro City at 03:20 pm on February 12, 2020. The encounter site is located 50 kms from downtown Cagayan de Oro City.

A platoon led by 1lt. Daug was on Security Operation when the troops engaged on a firefight with ten (10) CNTs believed to be a members of SRC 5 of NCMRC that lasted for fifteen (15) minutes before the terrorists withdrew leaving behind their dead comrade.

The said operation was based on the collective information received by this unit from the local populace of said barangay. According to the locals, the CPP-NPA Terrorists came down from the mountains asking for food supplies. With this, 65IB launched its security operation to ensure the safety of the residents.

After the encounter, the troops were able to recover one (1) dead body of a NPA terrorist, two (2) M16 riffles, one (1) M4 carbine, one (1) bandolier containing five (5) magazines loaded with one hundred thirty seven (137) rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, two (2) backpacks with personal belongings, and assorted medical supplies. The cadaver was brought to headquarters 65IB for blessing and turn-over to COCPO for proper disposition and identification.

Lt. Col. Benjamin Pajarito, Commanding Officer of 65IB, expressed his gratitude to the concerned citizens who provided the information about the presence of CPP-NPA terrorists and at the same time grieving the death of a fellow Filipino. “The success our operation was due to the cooperation of everyone in the community who are fed-up on the deceptive tactics of these terrorists threatening the peace and security, and the unwavering efforts of our troops in securing the communities in our AO.

Unfortunately, we are saddened on the death of one (1) CPP-NPA Terrorist during this encounter, who could have availed of the governments’ E-CLIP instead if he decided to surrender. Let us therefore encourage one another to join the fight to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict.